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About us

MAK - CONSTRUCTIONS Ltd. was established in 2009. After building a few shops Public, Multirama in Varna and Sofia, we have seen that the economic situation in Bulgaria allows to integrate our know-how. In 2011 the company started to build a new segment of its business - manufacturing and designing furniture. The company offers designs and implements turnkey equipment from metal, wood and other materials (walls, ceilings, cabinets, racks, shelves, air conditioning and electrical installations of fire, information kiosks and frames) for companies with business activity of light industry - stores: food, clothing and textiles, wedding, glassware, cosmetics, clocks and watches, jewelry, gifts, libraries and bookstores, toys, auto parts, hardware and adjacent auxiliary facilities. Discussions with our potential customers the best options and ideas to find the perfect solution for their business according to their needs. Our staff consists of professionals with extensive experience in the industry, providing support 365 days a year in Greece, Bulgaria and the rest of the Balkans.